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\FP01-WSTSynergyProjects130013004773 Lascorp Colmslie SCAu

Morningside Plaza
38 Junction Road,
Morningside QLD 4170

Morningside Plaza (previously known as Colmslie Plaza) has just completed its major refurbishment which will provide the customers of the Morningside area with a better and more convenient shopping experience.

The works carried out include:

  • The installation of a new fully enclosed travelator (moving walkway);
    The installation of a new lift to further improve pedestrian connectivity from the car park;
  • The old open air mall has now been enclosed and upgraded with new finishes and air conditioning to provide greater comfort for the customer;
    Coles has recently completed a refurbishment of their store to provide a fresher and brighter looking store;
  • Existing tenants have carried out a refurbishment of their stores to complement the new look centre;
  • Car park access has been improved where possible by making adjustments to the layout to improve traffic flow and installing additional lighting to make the area more welcoming and inviting;

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